Salon des Refuses 2015

Every year during the first week in May, most of my wildlife art friends as well as myself are on pins and needles! We’re waiting for the juried results for Birds in Art, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum’s  annual exhibition which presents the very best contemporary artistic interpretations of birds and related subject matter. Approximately 100 works are selected by a jury review and this year 607 artists submitted more than 1000 pieces of work, so many really great works of art did not make the cut.  I’ve only made the cut once in over 12 years of submitting  but it still stings to get the rejection email.  But along with my fellow artists, I have to realize that a rejection does not mean the work in not well executed.  All jurors have their own personal tastes in art and those tastes are reflected in their choices.  Every time I get rejected, I ask myself why I do this to myself year after year but the answer is the absolute high one gets when their art IS accepted.  And to attend the opening weekend is truly an experience beyond belief.  Rubbing elbows with artists you’ve idolized for many years as well as meeting other artists whose work you may not have been aware of is mind-boggling and the Woodson Museum staff treat us like rock stars.  It can really go to your head!  So that’s why each year we all put our egos out on the line, hoping for that chance to be part of one of the most notable art exhibitions in the world. And if we don’t get in, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start on ideas for art to submit next year. It keeps us striving to be better artists!

Here is a mini-gallery of some of the art that did not make the cut this year, my annual Birds in Art Salon des Refuses.  I hope you enjoy looking at these images and recognize the effort put into each of them.  Please be respectful of copyrighted artwork and do not use it for any purposes other than your viewing pleasure.  To learn more about the 2015 Birds in Art exhibition, please visit the Woodson Art Museum website and be sure to attend the show if possible.  It will be well worth the trip! I know that the 2015 Birds in Art exhibition will once again be breathtaking…it always is.


11 thoughts on “Salon des Refuses 2015

  1. Your Images are fantastic……how is it that you have so few ‘ Likes’ ? I think your images are among the best

  2. Hi Sandra! I just ran across this post, and wow! Some of these works that did not make it in BIA… I especially love the one by Chris Wozniak. Great storytelling in that piece for sure. It looks like a construction site with a woman walking by. Ha! Boys.

    How can I be a part of your Salon de Refuses? I’ve got one for it as well.

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